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New Patients

Coming soon!

Thank you for your interest in my practice. More information will be posted shortly, but please feel free to contact me with any questions - contact details are listed on the contact page of this site.

Please print out and complete this Patient Information Form and bring to your first visit.

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One sign of an emotionally healthy individual is that they respect the power of human emotion. Most people are acutely aware of their thoughts. Many are unaware of the root cause of those thoughts. In most instances, thinking comes from feeling. We think because we feel. Our feelings form the basis for our thoughts...
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Natural Motivation
People can usually get excited about something new, a new diet, a new training program, new equipment, or a new relationship. As the poets say, ├ČNovelty is the spice of life. An even more common problem is sticking with it when the activity starts to get old. People often describe this change as losing motivation......
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