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Dr. Stephen R. Van Schoyck is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice in Bucks County since 1984. His primary interest is in general psychotherapy with adults, couples, families and children. His treatment philosophy is eclectic drawing from interpersonal, dynamic, systems, and cognitive behavioral theories of human behavior. For the vast majority of his years in practice, he has practiced jointly within a variety of medical specialties including internal medicine, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy and sports medicine, leading to subspecialties in behavioral medicine and sports psychology.

Dr. Van Schoyck's interest in the blend of psychology and medicine led to 15 years of experience with over 3000 patients that was presented in his nationally distributed book, THE BURN RATE DIET (Harper Collins: New York, 2001). This book offered a unique approach to weight management based on metabolism and energy regulation. Regarding his work with athletes, Dr. Van Schoyck relies on his own extensive athletic experience. He played collegiate tennis at Princeton University, spent 10 years as a teaching tennis professional, played three sports in high school, tennis, football and ice hockey, and served as a youth sports coach in soccer and baseball for 10 years. Professionally, Dr. Van Schoyck has served as a member of a sports medicine team with two local hospitals since 1995, has published research on attention/concentration in sport, and worked with athletes of all levels to balance the emotional demands of competitive athletics with their personal lives.

On a personal level, Dr. Van Schoyck is married for 38 years, has four grown children ranging in age from 23-36, and has two grandchildren ages 3 and 8. He earned his BA in Biology from Princeton University in 1975, and his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1984. He is licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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